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Our members within the foreign sector are capable of working with foreign languages such as English, French,German,Russian and Japanese, which makes it possible for us to provide solutions to cross-border investment, foreign investment, investment overseas, capital operation, international trade and international disputes. We are capable of giving solutions to cross-boarder legal issues thanks to our cooperation with SGLA members and foreign law firms,accountants' firms, investment bank and other consultative agencies.

Our service in this respect include: consultant to invest in China and to supervise such investment; conducting project investigation and doing researches on law; Designing structures for trading and investment; Providing assistance in drafting trading documentation.

Our foreign business include the following: a Providing consultancy service to in-land investment conducted by foreign financial institutions; b services for cross-boarder financing, including financing for lending and projects, trading financing,M&A financing, structural financing; Providing solutions to foreign investment, cross-boarder guaranty, financing such as QFII,QDII.

Our foreign service include: a Assisting in negotiation Handling the foreign arbitration and lawsuits for you; c Helping to recognize and enforce the foreign award and judgment.

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