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Our members from the Intellectual Property sector provide legal solutions in terms of patent, trademark, copy right, unfair competition, trade secret and know-how.

Which includes: Engaging in the negotiation about transactions concerning intellectual property rights; Drafting and reviewing of contracts as well as the implementing and planning of the counter-measures against the intellectual property.

In terms of patent business, our service include: a. The application, maintaining, licensing and transfer of patent ;b. The review of patent and the administrative proceedings regarding patent right; c. To handle cases of patent infringement;d. To conduct the appraisal, transfer of contributions made in patent.

Our service in terms of copy right include as follows: a. Providing solutions to  the dispute of copy right; b. Handling cases of administrative proceedings regarding copy right; c .Offering protection for the work of art and literature.

In the respect of trademark ,we provide you with service in terms of : a. Offering protection to trademark; b. Providing related consultancy service for the trademark registration and review;  c. Handling the cases of trademark registrating in other countries; d. To handle the trademark infringement cases;e Providing solutions to the transfer and license of the trademark as well as drafting relevant contracts.


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