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Services we provide in the respect of Tax&Finance include: Advising on tax, tax preferential policy and risk management ;tax disputes resolution.

In the respect of the finance sector, we provide services for banking institutions, financial lease and innovation; asset securitization; trusts and insurance. Our legal services in this respect are  :

Banking buisness; International commercial credit; Project finance; Consortium loan. Services regarding the bank card,banking deposits and liabilities and we help you in the transactions between banking and non-banking institutions.

We advise on the trust involving the foundation; property; pension; investment; corporate project finance ,management and of the loan&banking deposits,negotiable securities and real estate investment.

As for insurance businesses, we provide consultancy; and on the establishing of insurance company,equity transfer, M&A and finance; We advise on the compliance of the utilization of the capital within the insurance company and the use of insurance foundation; services of translating and review of the insurance clause and documents such as insurance policy. we also help you in the lawsuits , insurance survey ,claim settlement,subrogation and reinsurance.       

Other legal services in such respect include : Helping the trust companies to design the structure of the trust products and give legal opinion; To advise on the compliance on the distribution of trust products; Advising on the design of each new type of financial service.

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