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Specialized group

Bearing in mind the legal and market background where our office situated, our service in this respect ranges from project development to the property management, such as the land concession, submitting the programe for government approval, bidding for construction projects and the pre-selling/selling of commercial housing. Besides, we can give you our specialized legal service in terms of the merger and acquisition concerning the real estate projects, the setting-up and operation of the projects'' investment fund, the securitization of real estate assets; public-listing for real estate company as well as PPP,BOT and BT projects.

We can help you to:

 A To develop the real estate projects which are under the construction;

 (a) To ensure the developer get the land for further construction and advise on how to get such land, handling approval formalities and relevant contracts;(b)To undertake the negotiation,draft,review and signing of relevant contracts;(c) To assist the project-executing party to obtain the approval for construction, report and make sure that the construction project will be carried out on time;(d) To assist the project-executing party in communicating with the government authorities before the construction begins. 

 B Services when project is under construction

 (a) To draft the bidding documents for construction projects and join with the real estate company to review those documents;(b) To draft contracts such as project design, project supervision,mapping and project contracting and engage in respective negotiation as well as the contract modification;(c)To review the qualification of the subconntractor for our clients;(d) To assist our clients to fully perform the construction contract and help our clients to manage those contracts.(e)To review any increase of the construction quantities and advise on the payment terms, see to the disputes arise based on the charging amount and to communicate with relevant government authorities responsible for construction payment regulations;(f)To join with the party responsible for construction to carry out the acceptance test.

 C Services for projects in operation

 (a) To participate in negotiations, review the selling contracts and help you to modify such contracts between the construction party and selling agent;(b) To negotiate with the contemplated transferee on behalf of the construction party about the project transfer and draft,review,modification of the transfer agreement related;(c) To assist the construction party to draft and modify the legal papers such as:Purchasing Note; Letter of Subscription; Pre-selling Contract;Management,Use and Maintenance Instruction and Lease Contract;(d)To join with the construction party in negotiations with respect to the commercial housing mortgage loan and review the legal documents related;(e) To assist construction party to sign purchasing contract with the housing purchasers.(f) Help the construction party to adopt the service pattern for management service,draft and modify the contract of property management and help to hold bidding.

 D Services in property management

(a)To draft, review and modify all sorts of property management contracts, lease contracts and property owner instructions, including altering the contracts templates from time to time;(b) To make plans of all sorts of measures, protocols and institutions related to the property management;(c) To handle disputes between the developer and the property owner regarding the public part of building and the public utility such as the public parking lot and green area;(d) To handle the dispute arises between our client and property owner,leasee and issue the lawyer''s letter (e) To assist our client to modify the protocols related to internal management. 

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