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We provide services for the establishment and registration for companies , Our services include: To carry out the feasibility study of specific project during the process of establishing companies; To engage in the plan design;To participate in the negotiations in the process of company establishment and draft the Sponsor Agreement as well as the Articles of Association, and we will handle all formalities of the company registration.

We provide legal service for designing and improving the structure and mode of corporate finance. In this respect, we provide you with a specific finance structure according to different types of financing such as the banking loan,the issuance of bonds, financial lease,ABS,private equity and share distribution for listed companies and we shall make plans in a comprehensive way of specific financing activities; We will draft and review different loan contracts, financial leasing and ancillary surety contracts; we help our clients to design the structure of project finacing; making loan arrangement,giving legal analysis in the process of risk control,negotiations. Legal opinions will be given and we will provide you with different plans regarding the property right adjustment ,assets reorganization,defining property rights and the transactions of property rights for corporations and we draft relevant legal documents as well as handling the formalities in connection with relevant changes in registration; We issue opinions and make plans regarding the structural reform such as turning limited liability company into share holding company, drafting legal documents and handle the formalities regarding the change in company registration.

We help our clients to manage risk in corporate operation, such risk may emerges in the corporate governance, contract management, brand and patent protection,M&A, financing and investment,tax planing,employment,public-listing. a full,comprehensive risk analysis shall be conducted by us for your consideration.

We also provide service in the following respect: The design and improvement of corporate equity and management structure:

The design and improvement of corporate governance structure:

The design and improvement of corporate internal control system:

The design and improvement of Incentive Stock Plan:

Projects such as Franchising.


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