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Mr.Dai Beiping

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License Number: 13303198910188712

Mr.Dai is the senior Partner of Dewell&Partners

Executive Partner at the office of Dewell&Partners in Free Trade Zone wuhan area


Area of practice:

Civil, commercial dispute of property right;Real estate&Construction;Corporate Governance


Mr.Dai has specialty in resolving the legal issues with much complexities.


Social function

Expert on law drafting for Wenzhou Municipal Government

Deputy of 8th,9th CPPCC member for Wenzhou Municipalities

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce,Wenzhou

A special commentator at Wenzhou Television 

An arbitrator and expert of Wenzhou Arbitration Committee

A permanent director of Federation of Chu Merchants

Vice-chairman of Huanggang, Federation of Chu Merchants

Member of CPPCC, city of Macheng



Prominent Lawyer of Zhejiang Peovince;

Outstanding Service Provider of legal aid,Zhejiang Province

Outstanding Lawyer of Zhejiang Province

Prominent Member of CPPCC at Wenzhou Municipalities;

Top 10 Lawyer of WenzhouTop Lawyer of Wenzhou

Tutor by the Wenzhou Municipalities for Entrepreneurs

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