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We will set up a research centre focused on conducting the analysis on laws and regulations for our clients. Main job for the research centre is to give a closer look to and delve into the laws and regulations which may have impact on you.
In general,the work of the research centre include:  
A Conducting the legal analysis on the Free-Trade policies and laws; Making contribution to reform of the legal system of free-trade area in Hubei province, international economy and trade as well as the new construction of the international economy and trade by helping every projects to be operated strictly with laws,regulations and policies.   
B Holding training sessions for our lawyers to get to know well the legal policies,laws and regulations in Hubei free-trade zone, Wuhan area and help them to get a better understanding of the rules of international practices and the free-trade there.   
C Organizing a series of Forum and conference regarding the legal system of tthe Free-Trade Zone in Wuhan, Hubei Province;  
D Writing legal commentary on the Free-Trade in hubei province.

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