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Establishing Research Centre in Free-Trade Zone

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At 4 pm on September 11th 2017,leaders from Dewell&Partners office in Free-Trade Zone, Wuhan area is having conference in the meeting room in the general office in hankou. The conference is chaired by Mr.Cai Xue''''en and presented by Ms.Hu Yanzao and Mr.Dai Beiping,both director of the office in Free-Trade Zone wuhan area,attending the conference as well as 30 more lawyers of Dewell&Partners.


At the conference

In the beginning,Mr.Cai Xue''en,the general director of Dewell&Partners,from a strategic perspective, delivered his speech of the importance for setting up the Research Centre .

Then he made an introduction to us about the organizational structure and the working method of the Research Centre. The Research Centre will be led by Ms.Hu Yanzao,Mr.Dai Beiping and Mr.Liu Xiangbin. Other members in the Centre may work in group with each other based on their specialization and legal practice.

Furthermore, he demanded that we should be fully informed about the relevant policies made by the government authorities about the practices in Free-Trade Zone and to assist relevant authorities in carrying out the investigation against any case of violation; Second, members in the Research Centre should try their best to train 8 to 10 lawyers who are capable enough to know well the business in Free-Trade Zone, Wuhan area, these trained lawyers should be well-informed about the legal practice in the Free-Trade Zone and capable of giving lectures about the legal practice there.

At last,Mr.Cai Xue''''en expressed his desire for setting up the Research Centre, which is the first attempt for Dewell&Partners to give a closer look into each case based on theories and legal knowledge. Delving into each case by academic research on laws will make us an industry leader.


Mr.Cai Xue''en is giving speech at the conference

The attendees gave their thought afterwards. Some members at the conference said that the planning of the Research Centre should be materialized rather than just in words. Others said that lawyers from Dewell&Partners should be more specialized and be capable of dealing foreign business; Our lawyers should also be capable of engaging in the new types of legal business instead of the traditional ones. It is suggested that lawyers themselves should never stop learning to stay ahead.

At the conference,2 young lawyers made a introduction for us about the condition of the Free-Trade Zone in Shanghai and Yichang based on their training experience back there.

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